Contact Us


Please feel free to contact us with the nifty box to the left or through Facebook. We would love to hear your questions, comments and thoughts! Also, you can see us on DeviantArt: Brett's DeviantArt, Julia's DeviantArt. Although those pages are not a good way to contact us directly, we do update them and you are welcome to follow us there!


We accept commissions for both personal and commercial use. For personal work, we can create either a physical painting or drawing and mail it to you, or a digital painting which you could get printed on your own if you would like. Please see our Commissions Gallery for examples of some past commssion paintings. In the past, we have also created conceptual and promotional artwork for various projects such as books and board games, but are open to many different kinds of art and design.

When we create your unique piece of art, we can make sure it is in your favorite of our styles, or any style that you are interested in. We can most likely adapt to any style of art you would like, including very realistic pieces, so feel free to be as specific or vague as you would like when contacting us! Additionally, Julia has training in design principles and computer imaging, as well as some writing, proofreading, and basic web-design - such as this particular website :)

Once we get enough information about what you are looking for, we can give you a quote for how much time it will take and the cost of the work. Please keep in mind that we both have full-time jobs outside of art, as well as travelling most weekends to conventions, so the time it will take to complete may vary depending on our schedules. We love creating art, and we do this mostly just for fun, so we try to keep our prices reasonable and work with people on their own budget. Often we will ask people what they want to spend, and create a piece around that price-point. We look forward to hearing from you!!