Mitchell Studios

Welcome to Mitchell Studios!


We are an East Texas based father/daughter art duo - Brett Mitchell and Julia Stroud - focusing on art inspired by popular culture such as comicbooks, anime, and video games. We travel around to various conventions and events to sell our art, meet with fans, and observe and learn from other artists. Though neither of us have much "formal" training in art, we have both been practicing it since, well, forever. Brett tends to work mostly with traditional media - utilizing pen and pencil, markers, or spraypaint, while Julia often uses either watercolors or digital painting. Both love to take a beloved character or scene, and add a unique spin to it! We have an online shop with many of our available prints, but if you see anything in our gallery you are intested in, definitely let us know and we can make it available for you. We also accept commissions (where you request a one-of-a-kind painting/drawing), both personal and commercial. Please visit our contact page for more information on commissions! Also, Brett teaches spray painting techniques and does spray paint demos at events. Please email him here for more information.

Our presence in the convention scene was set in motion one day while attending Dallas Comic Con as regular daypass holders. We walked around in artist alley and said, "We could do this." The next year we had our own art table in artist alley and have never looked back. Our first convention was an amazing experience that gave us the courage and confidence to continue booking more conventions and push our artistic talents even further. We are always grateful to the fans and admirers who encouraged us then, and continue to encourage us now, to keep going in this business so we can pursue our passion for art! Thank you guys for enjoying our art and holding it dear to you - it makes all of our hard work worth it!!